Can You Eat?

Now in a new board-book format: a whimsical word book of rhyming things that can – or can't – be eaten!

Can you eat...

A pea? A pear? A bee? A bear?

In this spin-off board book to the bestselling picture-book companion, food critic (and dad) Joshua David Stein asks the question, "Can you eat...?" followed by a lyrical list of illustrated items. From familiar items like apple pie and pineapple to the more nonsensical, like underpants and elephants, this read-aloud twist on a first book of food offers plenty of giggles, with simple yet sophisticated hand-drawings by Julia Rothman that provide authenticity and a balance of seriousness to the silliness at hand.

Ages 1-3

"Toddlers will love shouting out whether they can eat such delicacies as "Pinecone / Telephone / Panettone / Pony" as they page through the witty pictures."—The Wall Street Journal Online

"A delightfully fun board book that asks you what sorts of things can be eaten, told in rhyme. I also adore the illustrations in Can You Eat - they are gorgeous. This is board book as art kind of stuff."—Baby Librarians

Format: Board Book
Size: 177 x 127 mm (1.5 x 5 in)
Pages: 30 pp
ISBN: 9780714878829