An Illustrated Guide to Looks in the Rearview Mirror

A backseat view of Dad’s every look during a long road trip.

The freedom of the road isn’t really free when there are kids in the back. Driving severely limits your power to discipline the kids, control the bickering, or even talk effectively. You can’t reach your kids. You can’t even safely look them.That is, unless you catch their eyes in the rearview mirror. This tool, first patented in 1921, allows you not to cut people off but, just as important, it is a crucial means of communicating with your children. It might not seem like much but, well used, the rearview mirror can be a brutally effective tool.

Rearview mirror look: What? No I'm not texting!
Rearview mirror look: Only 60 miles to Harrisburg
Rearview mirror look: Read My Lips!
Rearview mirror look: Get back on your side.
Rearview mirror look: I said Get Back On Your Side!
Rearview mirror look: Oh, sleeping angels!
Rearview mirror look: Hey, can you listen to your brother?